5 ways to prevent miscarriages by an Ayurveda expert


Ayurvedic tips for a happy, healthy pregnancy.


Any expectant mother would vouch for the fact that the thought of seeing her infant’s face would help her tide over all the challenges of pregnancy. Unfortunately for many, this remains an unfulfilled dream since they face the bane of miscarriage early on in their pregnancy. The trauma of an expectant mother who loses her unborn child is sometimes life changing, putting many women off pregnancy for a very long time. However, a miscarriage doesn’t mean that you have to stop trying for a child. Dr Sangeeta Jhadav, an Ayurvedic practitioner reveals where women go wrong and what they could do to minimise the risk of a miscarriage.
Prepare for conception with detoxification: “The problem with young couples these days is that they focus only on their lab tests and results. They do not have a holistic approach towards pregnancy,” reveals the doctor. The doctor recommends that couples consult a good Ayurvedic physician and understand their Doshas and Prakrutis.”Even before the child is conceived, husband and the wife should undergo a complete ‘Sanshodhana’ or detoxification.” The toxic build up in the tissues should be cleaned through Panchakarma treatments before trying for a child. This practice will ensure a good start towards conception and pregnancy.

Go Satvik: Apart from eating a balanced, nutrient-rich diet, expectant mothers should stick to a Satvik diet for a successful pregnancy. Before you get alarmed, Satvik doesn’t necessarily mean a vegetarian or a restrictive diet; it simply means a diet that is healthy, pleasant, mild and pleasing to the stomach; not excessively spicy or oily like Rajasik food or stale like Tamasik food. Apart from that, food should be taken on time. Dr Jhadav also warns women against falling for the ‘eat for two people’ trap. “Eat in limited quantities, but eat on time,” stresses Dr Jhadav.

Take life lightly: Bringing home job-related stress can worsen your pregnancy woes and make your hormones go out of balance. Dr Jhadhav explains, “Women ruin the circadian rhythm of their body by working late or opting for night shifts at work. For those without supportive partners, the stress is two fold; imagine having to worry about the household and the workplace at the same time.” Improving the mood should be of paramount importance to the mother, especially the ones with Pitta Prakruti, who are easily angered. Sleep well and indulge in some deep breathing exercises and calming meditation  for a brighter mood.

Look out for the signs: Expectant mothers should take a close look at their daily routines. “One of the biggest signs that point towards the mother’s good health is how fresh she feels when she wakes up,” Dr Jhadav adds. Apart from that, she should also check the frequency of her bowel movements. Any irregularities in these two areas should be addressed through a proper panchakarma routine, according to the doctor.

Do not forego exercise: Indulge in some light exercises, says the doctor. “Go for 45-minute walks and practice Yoga for around 5-10 minutes daily,” she adds. Combining light cardio like walking with Yoga can have some wonderful effects. Simple asanas like Pavanmuktasan, Vajrasan and Parvatasan can be practised by expectant mothers to help prepare their body for a normal childbirth. Apart from keeping them fit, Yoga also helps in calming the mind and allaying all the fear and anxiety about childbirth that the mother may harbour during pregnancy.


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