How Rescuing a Puppy Changed My Life With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome



Dear Rory,

Out of the three humans who take are of you, I know I am not the best at it, nor am I your favorite — unless you consider ankle-biting to be the utmost sign of your affection, then yes, I am your most beloved human.

woman holding dog with cone on head

I know you are a dog and writing to you is silly, but I need to explain why.

After rescuing you in early December, my life changed dramatically. Not as drastic a change as chronic symptoms, but a change nonetheless. I was forced out of my fatigue-insomnia-pain ridden state I’d been slowly retreating into over the past couple of months. Due to work and stress all the while being in pain, I began losing energy, and losing it fast.

I couldn’t adjust automatically to your puppy schedule, but once I did, I was taking part in feeding you, cleaning up after you, and watching you constantly to make sure you didn’t pull out staples from the carpet stairs and get into all sorts of other mischief. I began staying awake longer, sleeping better, eating more, talking more, communicating better with doctors, even reading more, and slowly but surely, I found my way to a life that I could proud of. If I don’t accomplish much during my time, then I’ll contribute. I’ll never be able to go back to the way my life was before my Ehlers-Danlos syndrome got worse, but I will be able to move forward so much more than if I didn’t have you to keep me going.


So I understand that you are a dog, and writing to you is silly, but with my actions I hope I can say, “Thank you, Rory, for rescuing me.”



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