surprising effects of Aloe vera for vitiligo?


Dear Donovan,

Thank you for your enlightening article on aloe vera and autoimmune disorders. My 10-year-old son has vitiligo and it’s spreading. He has had it from 2009. Can aloe vera gel be given internally? He had been taking the Forever Aloe Vera Gel 60 ml a day first thing every morning and applying aloe gel on the de-pigmented areas. Though it seems to have a positive effect on his GI tract and digestion, the vitiligo spots seem to be growing in size, and are becoming a major concern to us. We are worried. Please advise.

Globally, about one per cent of the population is affected by vitiligo, with males and females being equally affected.

Vitiligo is a long-term skin condition which is shown by the skin losing its pigmentation in patches. These patches of skin usually appear white and may even occur inside the mouth and nose. The cause of vitiligo is still unknown. However, it is believed to be due to genetic as well as autoimmune factors.

Vitiligo is a condition which results in the destruction of skin pigment cells. In some cases of vitiligo it starts on one side of the body and then gets worse and affects both sides of the body. However, the white patches may just be localised to one side of the body.

Unfortunately there is no cure for most people with vitiligo. Sunscreen and make-up are usually recommended. However, other methods such as steroids, creams, phototherapy and surgical procedures may also be recommended in certain cases. Although vitiligo is a condition which is not life-threatening or contagious, the condition can affect the way you feel about yourself.

In your son’s situation, I am not sure why you are not getting any good results. Many people have reported getting results by doing the same things that you have done with your son.

Aloe vera gel can be used both internally and externally. Aloe vera is the only natural remedy for vitiligo. Aloe vera has been known to soften and heal the skin and make the spots disappear. It is also used in many parts of the world because of the cell remediation as well as the cell regeneration properties. Aloe vera gel has a vast range of vitamins, including vitamin E, minerals and enzymes. When taken orally, aloe vera stimulates and strengthens the immune system.

I would suggest that you take your son to a doctor and have him properly checked out, as there may be other factors at play. Studies have shown that people with vitiligo may be deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, for example, B12, folic acid and zinc. You could have him checked out for these. In addition, your son’s diet should also be as alkaline as possible with more fruits, vegetables, vegetable juices, yoghurt, fish, peas and beans, nuts and legumes. It is important to make sure that his bowel is kept clean.


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