Temple Grandin Is Asking Autism Parents to Do This Important Thing for Their Kids


She says it may be key to their future success.

Dr. Temple Grandin, Best-selling author, autism advocate and animal science professor, is asking parents of children with autism to do one simple thing — push their kids.

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Grandin says pushing children with autism may be the key to their future success. In her new book, “The Loving Push,” Grandin and co-author Dr. Debra Moore offer a roadmap to caregivers on how to prepare youth with autism for being adults in today’s world.

The book includes the stories of eight people on the autism spectrum and chapters on subjects like how to get kids off their computers and how to build on their strengths. The key, Grandin says, is to push them to do things for themselves and to do things that may at first seem scary. While this may be difficult for caregivers, it is ultimately the best way to find safe and fulfilling avenues of interest for their children.

“You have to stretch these children just outside the comfort zone,” Dr. Grandin tells Fox 5 News in the video below. “You stretch just enough so they develop, but don’t go into meltdowns and problems.”


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