Ankylosing Spondylitis patients treated with the miracle Seignalet diet


Number of Ankylosing Spondylitis patients treated with the Seignalet diet over a period of 20 years : 122

100% remissions: 76     80/90% improvements: 40

50% improvements: 0     Failures: 6     Success rate: 95%

“It is a curious and depressing truth, demonstrated time and again in medical history that the desire of the average physician to administer powerful and active drugs is only equalled by the desire of the average patient to have powerful and active drugs administered to him.”

Barbara Griggs: “Green Pharmacy” (A history of medicines and drugs through the ages)

Newly diagnosed?

Are you newly diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis? (Writes Chris Parkinson, translator and agent for the Seignalet family). Are you dreading a lifetime of taking powerful and potentially dangerous drugs to control it? What if the drugs don’t work? Or don’t work very well? Have you googled the side effects of the drug your doctor is prescribing? (If not you should do so). Do you want to avoid those side effects ?

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Or had Ankylosing Spondylitis for some time?

Or have you had Ankylosing Spondylitis for some time and are now looking for a natural therapy or diet to help reduce your dependence on powerful and potentially dangerous drugs and their nasty side effects or come off them altogether? Or have you tried all the drugs available and none can control your own Ankylosing Spondylitis?

Is there a natural way to reverse Ankylosing Spondylitis?

What if there was a diet which could actually reverse Ankylosing Spondylitis? It would surely be too good to be true wouldn’t it? Surely only a powerful drug can stop that dreadful pain or other distressing symptoms? What if the only side effects of the diet were clear skin, abundant energy, a svelte figure, perfect mental poise and equilibrium, prevention of cancer, Alzheimer’s, high cholesterol and heart disease in later life, increased longevity free from disease, and a host of other health benefits? This must be snake oil surely? But what if it was clinically trialled by a French professor of medicine with two and a half thousand volunteer patients over 20 years, during which the above benefits were demonstrated and meticulously recorded?

Hype, wrong information, misinformation and reality

All of us are constantly bombarded with hype about the latest “fad diet” or this and that magic supplement and in the US, where drug companies are allowed to advertise, the ads promoting a drug for Ankylosing Spondylitis will tell you to avoid “fad diets”. They would say that though wouldn’t they? Even if they knew that there was a diet which worked. You may also have read somewhere or been told by your doctor or the charity for Ankylosing Spondylitis (even on other pages on the google results page for your search) that there is no known cure for Ankylosing Spondylitis and no diet which has been proved to work for Ankylosing Spondylitis and you may even have been told to avoid being taken for a ride by “snake oil pedlars” or “medical magical mystery men”.

A diet which can reverse Ankylosing Spondylitis

Let’s be clear. It is quite true that there is no cure because Ankylosing Spondylitis has a known genetic component. Yet we say that there is a diet which can reverse Ankylosing Spondylitis because in addition to the genetic component over which you have no control, there are environmental, triggering factors which you can control. One of those environmental factors is your diet. Are we selling snake oil? It’s all very confusing isn’t it? How do you know who to trust for unbiased and scientifically trustworthy information? Everyone has their own agenda don’t they? Whether it’s out in the open or hidden. Like everyone else we too have an agenda and it’s not a hidden one. The agenda is to give you the information you need to reverse your disease. How much would you give to be able to do that? $5,000? $20,000? $100,000? Re-mortgage your house? Keep your money! Spend it on a good vacation (“holiday” for us Brits) and get a good tan, a real one – remember tans? (see further on). All the information you need is in a 10 dollar book. So if we are snake oil pedlars we’re not very good ones are we? There must be much better ways to get rich selling snake oil than selling a book. By the way, if you think we are snake oil pedlars, feel free to tell us so. There is an open forum on this site and we promise we won’t delete your post. Those results you see at the top of the page are genuine I can assure you, so if you think this is quackery you are mistaken but there are some caveats. Here they are:

  1. 1. Depending on how you eat at the moment you may have to make big changes in the way you eat, particularly if you are eating the “SAD” diet. (Standard American Diet). For the diet to work properly it has to be strictly adhered to, 100%. If you are currently following any of these diets: Paleo, Weston-Price, raw food, food combining, gluten free, dairy free, the transition to the Seignalet diet will be fairly easy however.
  2. 2. There will be a period of disintoxication as your body heals itself. This may result in some unpleasant effects like headaches, nausea or a loose bowel. These “detox” effects are only temporary however, and are actually welcome signs that your body is healing itself. To keep these symptoms to a minimum, the different elements of the diet can be introduced one by one, in stages, and if the detox effects become uncomfortable, the transition to the diet can be slowed down or even halted for a while until they pass before resuming at a sensible pace.
  3. 3. If you are on medication, you must not under any circumstances suddenly stop taking it. Once the diet starts to work however you may want to gently taper off the drugs with the consent of your physician. A large majority of Dr. Seignalet’s patients achieved complete remissions or very close to it and were able to come off their medication. Some however, only achieved 50% success and a few had no improvement at all. In case of less than 100% remission you may have to continue taking some medication, although hopefully a reduced, or much reduced dose.
Don’t come to regret in a few years time that you did not pay proper attention to this page!

Is this information trustworthy? Well you can purchase this book written by Dr. Seignalet’s daughters, one of whom is a medical doctor and judge for yourself, or you can carry on reading this site, there is lots of good stuff on here and it’s free. If you are not quite ready to buy the book, don’t shut this page down yet because this is your one big chance. Keep reading. Don’t dismiss this as hype, only to find out years later that others did it and it does work and you’ve endured years of needless suffering for nothing. Or if you do close the page down, bookmark it first and then come back to it later when you have time to read the site at leisure, properly.

his new book by Dr. Seignalet’s daughters, one of whom is a doctor, is called: “How to prevent reverse 100 diseases the new French way with Dr. Seignalet’s diet miracle.”

Its a short guide to Dr. Seignalet’s 700 pageScientific and Medical textbook called “Nutrition, the third medicine” (L’Alimentation ou la troisieme medecine), currently in course of translation. Don’t be fooled by the modest title by the way, Seignalet proved that nutrition is the first medicine.

Is it easy? No. But it’s not that difficult either!

We don’t want to brainwash you with clever advertising or subliminal messages. We hope you will use all your critical faculties. You will need them because we can give you the tools but you will have to do this by yourself. We are not going to pretend that it’s easy but it is probably a lot easier than you think and we promise you that the rewards will make the effort worthwhile. If you are motivated, we promise you can do it. We know from 20 years experience in France that you may start to see results straight away or it may take a little time. Many thousands of French men and women have already seen those results but we cannot do it for you.

Our Cro Magnon ancestors did not have Ankylosing Spondylitis

So what is this all about? (This is fairly long by the way but keep reading – it’s interesting.)

In 1868 in Southern France about 100 miles inland, due east from Bordeaux, in the Dordogne, five fossilised skeletons were found in a rock shelter by a geologist. These remains were clearly early “modern” humans, homo sapiens. Since then, more and more remains have been discovered in Europe, Asia and the American continent and the very earliest have been carbon dated to 45,000 years ago. The location of the first remains at Cro-magnon has given the name to these early humans (although the proper scientific name is European Early Modern Humans or Early Modern Humans). Scientific techniques, especially in the last 20 years, have allowed us to learn more and more about them. We can learn an astonishing amount about their diet from coprolites (fossilized faeces) which can be soaked in sodium biphosphate to reconstitute them for microscopic analysis. From their bones and teeth we can learn about their health, at what age they died and often, what caused their death. Recently scientists have even been able togene sequence their DNA and a recent discovery, thanks to recovery of DNA recovered from remains and gene sequencing shows that some of them bred with Neanderthals, an early human species which died out, and that we all have some Neanderthal DNA in us.

A light bulb may by now have been switched on and you are thinking: “Oh, the paleo diet, I know all about that”. You may even eat the Cordain/Wolf way yourself. Whoa, hold your horses. We are not there yet. We are going to a slightly different destination. So bear with me, even if you know all this stuff.

Anyway, to resume my story:

Early modern human remains in Europe, in Asia and on the American continent all show the same things:
  1. 1. These early modern, stone age humans were hunter gatherers.
  2. 2. Their diet was completely different to ours.
  3. 3. Although they had tough lives and the bones often show signs of trauma that has healed, (meaning that someone was looking after them during the healing process), they were largely disease free. (Yes, sometimes lunch wasn’t quite ready to become lunch and fought back!)
  4. 4. Not only were they largely disease free, they were superb human specimens compared to ourselves. They were fit and athletic. Their bones were much sturdier than ours, evidence for strong musculature. Their brains were larger and their skeletons were on average around a foot taller than the skeletons of our first neolithic ancestors. Some male skeletons have been found that were over 6 feet 5 inches!
  5. 5. We are descended from them and the time between them and ourselves in evolutionary terms is the blink of an eye. We have not had time to evolve to function well on a neolithic diet of dairy and cereals (10,000 years ago in the middle east and 5,000 years ago in Europe), then a “modern diet” of refined white sugar and refined white flour (18th and 19th centuries), grain instead of grass fed cows and sheep from the beginning of the 20th century and from mid 20th century onwards, huge amounts of pasteurised cow’s milk and dairy and heat and solvent refined vegetable oils and from the 70’s onwards a pre-packaged, factory made, junk diet, with enormous amounts of salt, sugar and trans fats, getting more and more devoid of real nutrients until the present day when most of what we eat is just artificially flavoured garbage. It’s a wonder we can still manage to drag ourselves around! Try this, watch some footage of crowds at various times of the twentieth century. Notice something? The people in the crowds look sicker and sicker and more and more obese, the closer they are to our own times. (I will find some stock crowd footage on youtube and embed them in a blog page showing this when I have time.) So much for the miracles of modern medicine. As we are genetically identical to them, the difference between this race of the superhuman caveman and ourselves can only be due to diet.

Meet the ancestors! These are reconstructions based on actual remains. This is how this paleolithic mother and daughter would have looked in real life. Look at the superb bone structure of the faces and how sturdy the heads and bodies are. No signs of acne, eczema, or psoriasis either, just clear skin. Just kidding around with the second bit.

Need more proof?

Accounts of early settlers in the US all paint the same picture of the poor state of health of the scurvy ridden settlers and the superb health and handsome appearance of the native American hunter-gatherers.

From 1671: “ New England’s Rarities, discovered in Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Serpents, and Plants of that Country” by Josselyn

A description of an Indian Squa (sic)

The Men are somewhat Horse Fac’d, and generally Faucious, (sic) ie. Without Beards ; but the Women many of them have very good Features ; seldome without a Come to me, or Cos Amoris, in their Countenance ; all of them black Eyed, having even short Teeth, and very white ; their Hair black, thick and long, broad Breasted ; handsome streight Bodies, and slender, considering their constant loose habit : Their limbs cleanly, streight, and of a convenient nature, generally, as plump as Partridges, and saving here and there one, of a model deportment ….”

Let’s look at what Loren Cordain says in his book “the Paleo Diet”

“……In other words, built into our genes is a blueprint for optimal nutrition – a plan that spells out the foods that make us healthy, lean and fit. Whether you believe the architect of that blueprint is God, or God acting through evolution by natural selection, or by evolution alone, the end result is still the same: We need to give our bodies the foods we were originally designed to eat.

Your car is designed to run on gasoline. When you put diesel fuel into its tank, the results are disastrous for the engine. The same principle is true for us: We are designed to run best on the wild plant and animal foods that all humans gathered and hunted just 500 generations ago. The staples of today’s diet—cereals, dairy products, refined sugars, fatty meats and salted, processed foods—are like diesel fuel to our body’s metabolic machinery. These foods clog our engines, make us fat, and cause disease and ill health………”

So is this site an advert for the Cordain/Wolf “Paleo (lifestyle) diet”? Not quite. The Seignalet (pronounce it “Saynyalay”) diet was designed by a French Professor of Medicine, Dr. Jean Seignalet.

It differs in a few important respects from Cordain and Wolf’s version of the caveman diet (and also from the Western Price Foundation diet come to that). One important difference is that the Seignalet diet was specifically created to reverse chronic diseases and clinically trialled on over two and a half thousand patients over twenty years by a professor of medicine and found to put into complete remission 91 diseases! In addition to reversing disease it can of course also prevent disease and many people in France have adopted it as a lifestyle diet.

Dr. Seignalet (who read, spoke and wrote excellent English which has replaced Latin as the international lingua franca of science and medicine), read Eaton and Konner’s seminal 1985 article in the New England Journal of Medicine: “Palaeolithic nutrition. A consideration of its nature and current implications” at exactly the same time as Cordain, ie. as soon as it was published. So there is not even a hair’s breadth between what Cordain and Wolf and what Dr. Seignalet consider to be the “original diet”. They all take their cue from Eaton and Konner. Except for one important thing and here it is:

1. Eaton and Konner make no reference to cooking. Cordain and Wolf assume that Early Modern Humans were cooking their meat, which means grilling it over a fire. But for Seignalet, cooked meats and especially grilled meats are a dangerous disease factor. You can see my translation of his chapter on the dangers of cooking on my blog.

Here is (my translation of) what he says in his chapter comparing ancient and modern foods:

“……Fire was invented about 400,000 years ago. However, there is absolutely no proof that fire would have been used to cook food before a recent period, 10,000 years ago. Furthermore, analysis of fossilized faecal remains show that during the Mesolithic, humans ate raw. So we can assume that cooking was little used or not used at all……”

2. Dr. Seignalet was what the French call an “enseignant/chercheur” (lecturer/researcher). He was paid by the French state to teach medical students but the other part of his job description was to carry out research. What he decided to research and how he carried it out was entirely up to him. Seignalet looked closely at all the foods we eat without any preconceived notions to discover how they are processed by our body and exactly why these non-ancestral foods harm us and it is this work, far more than conjecture about what our ancestors ate, which forms the basis of his diet. Paleo eaters may be surprised to learn for example that he allows rice.

3. Eaton and Konner wrote this in their 1985 article: “Ultimately of course, only experimental & clinical studies can confirm hypotheses about the medical consequences of dietary choices”. Dr. Seignalet took them at their word and only 3 years later, Seignalet was embarking on those studies and 20 years later, he had treated two and a half thousand patients with 115 different diseases, 91 of them successfully, with his diet. With the greatest of respect, no-one in the field of nutrition or medicine in the English speaking world has ever set out to prove their dietary theories like this. They may talk the talk but they don’t walk the walk. To my knowledge only the Russians have done anything similar, with their research on fasting. (See my blog article on fasting).

You may have already tried dietary modification for Ankylosing Spondylitis with some success, great or small – or even none at all. Regardless of the results you obtained, please now consider the Seignalet diet. This is to date, the only diet which:

A. Was trialled over a period of 20 years with over two and a half thousand patients, during which time adjustments were made in the light of results and improved theory.

B. Is the only treatment to have put into long term, complete remission, about 80% of patients treated with 91 different, so called “incurable diseases”.


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