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Misophonia is a neurological condition where a person has a strong emotional response of anger or disgust to specific sounds. For some, it might be hearing someone chewing. For others, it is the sound of sniffling or breathing. Many people also have the misophonic response to visual triggers such as seeing someone chew gum. With misophonia, a person has specific soft sounds (and sights) that they cannot tolerate.

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Misophonia can be upsetting and annoying, or it can be a debilitating condition. It may vary in intensity but generally gets worse with time. There are important management techniques that are helpful to almost everyone. Although there are no proven treatments that work for everyone, there are treatments that work for many. With proper management and treatment there is hope for reducing the horrible effects of this condition.

This book will help you understand what this mysterious condition is doing to you, or help you understand what someone close to you is experiencing. It explains how misophonia develops and expands with time, and why those little sounds cause a person SO much distress. It also gives you many techniques that will help you manage this condition and explores the existing treatment options.

With proper management and treatment, you can greatly reduce the effects of misophonia in your life. Developing misophonia has been a journey. Overcoming misophonia is also a journey, and it is a journey that can provide much relief for this horrible condition.

What Misophonia Is Not:

Misophonia is not just being annoyed by someone chewing oddly or a loud noise.

What Misophonia Is:

The Short Answer:  Misophonia is a rare neurological disorder that results in a severe reaction to common everyday sounds like chewing, loud breathing, tapping a pencil; repeating motions like wiggling a foot; and sometimes even just the anticipation of someone about to take a bite of food.

These items trigger a reaction that feels like an electrical shock to the body.

Misophonia is also referred to as Select Sound Sensitivity Syndrome (4S).


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