This is long,Dermattilomania but maybe one of you can see something I can’t.


So I’ve been lurking in this subreddit for months now and first of all, I love it! I think this place has changed the way I look at my skin, so thank you guys who contribute, it’s hugely appreciated.

That being said…I’m at the end of my rope with my skin. I’ve always had acne prone skin but slowly started using the Beginner’s Routine and had good results. This was me Mid-September, when I had the best results with the routine. Minor chin acne, but besides that this was the best my skin had looked in years!

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  • Wash with Cerave morning and night
  • Stridex Pads in the morning
  • St. Ives’ Pads at night with OCM with Sesame Oil
  • Cerave Lotion morning and night

…Then my skin decided to have a stress breakout. I’ve broken out before, but this was the worst one yet. It also doesn’t help that I battle dermatillomania on a daily basis. This is what my skin looked like around Late October and then 2 WEEKS LATER.

Now please know I’m not a very dramatic person, I can usually take many things in stride. But this is the point where when my doctor asked me to come to my consultation without makeup, I almost cried.

But still, I went to a dermatologist and was prescribed a .01% Tretinoin [Late October/Beginning of November] and Amoxicillin to be taken everyday. (I’m not usually one to take pills so I was a little reluctant to start, but I knew I needed it.) I also began to take precaution measures like changing my pillowcase daily, drinking more water, working out everyday, cutting out dairy, taking fish oil pills, adding tea tree oil to my OCM. (All of these showed no impact, for better or worse.)

With the tretinoin I went through the ‘worse-before-it-gets-better’ phase which lasted about a month. I began using a sunscreen I had spot-tested and found nothing wrong with. I eventually plateaued with my improvement on Tretinoin around mid December, better on some areas but not all. After going back to my dermatologist, she prescribed me Ziana (.025% tretinoin) and told me to keep taking the Amoxicillin.

This is around the time I changed my routine to what I use now:

  • Morning: Splash with water, Cerave Lotion, Neutrogena Sunscreen, Makeup
  • Evening: Remove with Hypoallergenic Baby Oil + Tea Tree, Wash with Cerave, Ziana, Vaseline on cracked skin, Cerave lotion on unaffected areas

Beginning of January I don’t leave my house without a full face of makeup. My skin flakes like a snake even with Vaseline and I was embarrassed for anyone to see it. The Ziana was working though, so I kept taking it, along with the fish oil pills.

Fast forward to today. After 2 months on Ziana it still helps, but not as much as when I began using it. My dermatologist prescribed me some Minocycline and told me to stop taking the Amoxicillin, but keep using Ziana. I suggested birth control, but she said we would try that as a last resort if this doesn’t work.

…I just don’t know what to do anymore. It’s like throwing a pail of water into a forest fire. Nothing seems to really have any effect anymore. This is the longest post I’ve ever written before, and I realize I sound diatribe-y but I really just want any suggestions you guys can think of. I just can’t believe 5 months ago my skin looked so amazing and now I have so much PIH I’ve been considering laser treatments.

This sub has helped me so much before, I guess I was hoping just by creating a timeline someone could see where I went wrong. Thanks everyone!


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