Diet Tips For Vitiligo Patients


Vitiligo is a condition where parts of the skin loses its pigmentation. It is a distressing condition with no specific cause. Sometimes it is genetic, but not always. Many people are desperate for a cure or at least ways to manage the symptoms. There are many remedies that are found effective for vitiligo patients. Among them, a proper diet plays an important role.

Food is one thing that we can control by which we can attempt to treat many diseases. There is no scientific evidence that by controlling your diet vitiligo can be cured. Nevertheless, it is a known fact that what goes into the stomach causes many skin problems.

So, even though there is no diet for vitiligo patients as such, it is advisable to follow one which ensures that your body is replenished with the vitamins and minerals that are lost. This will help support your immune system to a great extend. Avoid foods likeblueberries and pears that contain hydroquinones, which are depigmenting agents. We may now discuss some pointers while considering a diet for vitiligo patients.


An important factor while considering diets for vitiligo patients is that you must be aware of any allergies to any specific type of food. It is advisable to consult a doctor or dietician before committing to a diet for vitiligo.


Having the required amount of proteins is essential to the diet for vitiligo. But try to have the necessary protein content from plant based products like mushrooms, soy beans etc. It is better to avoid protein from red meat.

Antioxidant rich diet

An often overlooked fact while considering a diet for vitiligo patients is the importance of including enough amount of antioxidants in the diet. Antioxidants help neutralise acid radicals and thus contribute in re-pigmentation.

Avoid blueberries

Blueberries and pears contain hydroquinones, which are considered to be depigmenting agents. This will not make a good choice for patients with vitiligo.


Vitiligo causes many vitamin deficiencies in your body. Include many fruits in the diet for vitiligo. Ensure that the diet is also rich in zinc and folic acid as well. It is better to have natural foods that try for supplements.

Animal products

It is better to keep animal products to a minimum in the diet for vitiligo patients. Limiting milk, fish and organic eggs will be a helpful solution.



Vitamin D

Ensure that the diet for vitiligo consists of vitamin D. Exposure to the sun also helps. This is essential to produce melanocytes which are used by the body for re-pigmentation. It also reduces the spreading of vitiligo to other parts of the body.

Vegetarian diet

It is recommended to be on a plant-centred diet while treating vitiligo. A diet for vitiligo patients should include lots of vegetables, fruits and legumes which will provide enough vitamins to your body.

Gluten free diet

It is recommended not to eat food full of gluten while in treatment for vitiligo. Gluten free food is proven as a good choice of diet for vitiligo patients. In many cases, it was proven to be effective.

Organic diet

It is advisable while planning a diet for vitiligo patients to eat everything organic. It may be more expensive, but it ensures that no pesticides will enter your body and cause harmful reactions.


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